Have you ever noticed that, when you are “in the flow,” you feel more confident and positive in your abilities to make decisions? 

Studies have shown that the more flow experiences a person has, the more positive his or her sense of well-being is. Having a life plan with stated goals facilitates the ability to consciously initiate flow.


This is a presentation that gets to the very heart of the individual. It is designed to help each attendee to begin thinking about his or her personal mission, long- and short-term goals, and a process to enable flow and improve overall well-being.

What attendees say...

I loved your presentation at the STC Summit Leadership Day. Your session was very inspirational and left me with a lot to think about regarding my management style and my “flow state.” Thanks for sharing your phenomenal experiences in researching “flow!” It was fascinating information!  

 -Marilyn Woelk, President

Wingz Creative & Technical Group, Inc.

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