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Identifying your challenges
  • Does your organization have a plan to respond in the case of an unavoidable situation, such as a fire, an extreme weather event, or a terrorist attack? What about a banking crisis or the loss of a major customer?

  • Do you update that plan on a regular basis to account for new technologies, new circumstances, or new leadership focus?

  • Have you communicated your plan to those who need to implement it? Do you regularly train them on how to implement the plan?

Are you ready for the unexpected? Have you thought through every possible scenario and identified how you will respond?

You may not be serving the public in the same way as High Reliability Organizations (like Fire & EMS and Law Enforcement), but you are serving your customers. If you let them down, they will cease to trust you and move on to other providers. It is in your organization’s best interest and the best interest of the customer to strive toward high reliability.

We work with your team to identify potential disaster scenarios. We facilitate the articulation of how to respond when the disruption occurs. We conduct readiness workshops for the response team. We also integrate the process of updating this plan into the work of the organization.

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