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Identifying your challenges
  • How cohesive are the teams in my organization?

  • How does our ability to maximize flow states correlate to the bottom line?

  • How does employee well-being impact customer satisfaction?

  • Are our leaders leading by example? How are their varied leadership styles impacting their teams?

How well is your organization faring in today’s VUCA economy?

Companies are experiencing the challenges of operating in volatile marketplaces, where uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity make decisions difficult. These VUCA times require leadership that is not only self-aware, but focused outward toward customers and employees.


Our Integrated Flow-Based Leadership Maturity Model (iFBLMM)™ evaluates how well you are doing with regard to maximizing flow states within the organization. When individuals and teams work in a state of flow, both productivity and well-being increase. This has a direct impact on increased customer satisfaction, employee retention, and sustained increases in the bottom line.

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