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Have you ever arrived on the scene of a house fire to find a frantic woman in the driveway? As a firefighter, you know instinctively what this means: there is a child inside. You immediately enter "the zone," because you know what to do. This is based on your training and experience. The feeling of being "in the zone," is referred to in the field of positive psychology as "the flow."


Multiple studies have shown that, if people have the proper training and experience, they will make better decisions in emerging situations while in a flow-state. How can your organization help your people experience flow more often, thereby improving their decision-making?


This book describes what flow is and what flow-based decision making and flow-based leadership look like.  It also details a flow-based leadership model for more

Women Courageous: Leading through the Labyrinth is a unique collection of stories of courage, integrated with scholarly analysis to deepen our understanding of courage – how it shows up, develops, and facilitates transformation. Through this work, the editors offer a new definition:


Courage is pushing forward, step by step, while everything is holding you back. Often unnoticed by others, courageous acts come with great emotional challenges, but also with a sense of purpose. Courage is an act that must be done when there are no alternatives other than giving up. It is how we transform, not only ourselves, but those we support and love and the work to which we have dedicated our lives.


This international group of authors weaves insights, research, and relevant practices gleaned from walking their own leadership labyrinths in the military, aerospace, public service, education, and the nonprofit sector. Offering stories of conflict, loss, betrayal, as well as healing, self-actualization, and co-creation in the hope that you will hear echoes of your own experience.


Read this book deliberately, slowly, and be surprised by the wisdom in these pages, releasing new courage in all of us, to meet the monumental challenges of this more

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Visionary Leadership in a Turbulent World: Thriving in the New VUCA Context is the thoughtful analysis of nine expert authors from around the globe who put VUCA under the microscope and take the reader on a journey that looks at VUCA from a number of different leadership perspectives. Through their research and writing these nine authors seek to provide sense-making and insights that are combined with practical tips and frameworks to help leadership embrace this new VUCA context and learn how to thrive within it.


The book suggests ways in which organizational leadership can seek to develop both the self and the organization to systemically and ethically address VUCA with innovation, collaboration, and cultural intelligence, whilst also effectively managing the self with resilience and flow, and supporting everyone in the organization with effective systems more

Imagine a world with great leadership. What would that world be like? Would it be a better world or a worse one? Now ratchet great leadership up to exceptional leadership and suddenly we have cause for optimism. But how do we design exceptional leadership, and would we even know it if we saw it? Traditional paradigms of leadership have celebrated decisive top-down control and analytical decision-making. But times are changing. The world is more connected, complex, fluid and interdependent. 

This book debunks the myth that leaders need to be creative like designers to apply Design Thinking. Applying design approaches and practices to organizational leadership is not just about its leaders becoming more creative. It is definitely not about the person at the top coming up with the grand more

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