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Purpose-driven teams, who work in a sustained state of flow or peak performance, increase their productivity five-fold.

Flow, the intersection of skills and challenge, happens within the individual, but radiates outward. Flow-based leaders facilitate flow in themselves and in others, making the organization more agile and more profitable.

Dr. Glick-Smith’s Integrated Flow-based Leadership Model, based on 15+ years of research, is a framework an organization can adopt to facilitate flow within its environment to improve long-term engagement by employees as well as customers.

What attendees say...

Dr. Judy (as she is fondly known) has presented us with a a uniquely insightful look at firefighter decision making, going beyond the traditional analytical and weaving the naturalistic with the possible. This is a roadmap for upcoming leaders in any organization in which decisions must be made in chaotic, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations.


-David M. Wall, Division Director

Georgia Fire Academy

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