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Identifying your challenges
  • How well are you using your legacy staff? Are you actively capturing what they know with regard to your organization’s products, processes, culture, customers, systems, etc.?

  • Do you have the appropriate infrastructure to capture knowledge? Is your organization trained in how to use it? Is there a process to ensure its integrity over time?

  • What habits / workflow processes have been identified and articulated for capturing and recording knowledge?

Do you know what you know?

In today’s world, relevant knowledge is a competitive advantage. However, institutional knowledge can be fleeting and fragile, if you do not have the processes, technologies, and human resources in place to capture, retain, and update organizational knowledge. While this may feel like a huge undertaking, the effort to maintain knowledge can be minimal, if your people develop the awareness, skill, and habits necessary to embody what your organization knows.

We work with your team to plan, implement, and maintain your knowledge management system (KMS) to keep it from turning into a graveyard of information no one can trust or use. A mindfully implemented KMS will enable your team to respond faster in the emergent marketplace.

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