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Experiential training has been shown to be a phenomenal best practice in preparing individuals for decision making, especially in emergent situations where decisive action is critical to a successful outcome.


When mentoring is added to the training, the individual receives immediate feedback, which enhances and accelerates the training.


This presentation offers a model of mentoring that builds expertise and confidence, promotes leadership and longevity of the organization, and results in better decision making. This framework addresses the cultural challenges involved in integrating mentoring into your training and leadership development programs.

What attendees say...

I was truly moved by your presentation.  I was just amazed at the stories you told and the research that was driven by it.  I wish corporate leaders could hear more stories around the commitment to training their people and the impact it can and does have, when it is really needed.

-Mike Woodard
American Society for Training and Development Organizational Development Special Interest Group

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