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Successful Flow-Based Leadership has an outward focus. 


This is the essence of Servant Leadership. As a Servant Leader, you become the servant to those you lead, always putting the needs of followers (and customers) above your own.


A Servant Leader is not ego-driven. You lead by example, while maintaining situation awareness to inform a continuum-based leadership style. Servant Leadership is applicable across organizations,  industries, and across verticals. Because Servant Leadership is behavior-focused, rather then domain-focused, any organization can benefit from this learning.


This workshop is interactive and experiential. The focus is on knowledge sharing, storytelling, and learning how to identify opportunities for the development of ritual. All of these exercises and discussions are designed to encourage bonding and recognition of similarities among people within the organization regardless of level of diversity.

Workshop Objectives
  • To feel what it means to be a Servant Leader

  • To learn how to identify moments that are appropriate for facilitating bonding for the organization through knowledge sharing, storytelling, collaboration, and ritual

  • To navigate various scenarios as a Servant Leader so that when similar situations occur in real life, you will recognize how to respond in a productive way

  • To learn to identify and communicate vision and mission

  • To learn to identify and attend to the tools, methods, and processes necessary to the work of the organization

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