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Identifying your challenges
Adopting a strategic planning process enables preparedness.
  • What is our vision?

  • What are our organizational values? How do we want to be perceived in the world?

  • Our mission statement is too complex. How can we simplify it and make it more laser-focused?

  • Where are we today in relationship to our vision?

  • We need a plan. What do we need to do to move toward where we want to be?

  • We don’t want this plan to sit on the shelf gathering dust. What processes and habits do we need to put in place to make it a LIVING plan?

Our approach to organizational strategic planning is facilitative and collaborative. We use a structured planning process to help you identify and clarify the organization’s vision and mission. We work with you to identify the “as is” and the “to be”. We then facilitate the collaborative work that must be done to create your long-term and short-term plans.

Strategic planning is a commitment to process. We help you identify and integrate the process into your daily life so that you are always conscious of where you are in the plan, while enabling you and the organization to do the work of the present. This facilitates prioritization and decision making. The plan is a living document, always front-of-mind and never placed on a shelf to revisit five years later.

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