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Leadership starts with you. By adopting a strategic planning process for living, you are better able to live a life of purpose.

Have you ever noticed that, when you are “in the flow,” you feel more confident and positive in your abilities to make decisions? Studies have shown that the more flow experiences a person has, the more positive his or her sense of well-being is.

Knowing your purpose and having a life plan with stated goals facilitate the ability to consciously initiate flow, as well as the ability to stay in “the now” while working on future goals. This conversation gets to the very heart of the individual and gives attendees the tools to identify his or her personal mission, long- and short-term goals, and a process to enable flow to improve overall well-being.

What attendees say...

Judy kicked off our conference for technical communicators as the keynote speaker and later led a workshop. Attendees loved the visualization exercises. We were re-energized and excited to apply what we learned back in our offices, so we could improve our professional outcomes but also find a greater sense of overall balance and happiness in our lives overall.

 -Meghan Palumbo, Co-Vice President


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